MFG. Facility

Manufacturing Facility

Indotech bimetal is dedicatedly using inline production driven by erp system, which is linked with each and every process quality check at every stage.
our manufacturing process sequence is established with our vast experience.

The company’s focus has been on investing in the right people and right technology to deliver the best quality in the industries. and it maintain complete confidentiality about the customer’s design & drawing. indotech bimetal is manufacturer and supplier of bimetallic barrel set like: barrel, screw, ring plunger set, injection head & nozzles etc.. comprehensive quality management systems enables indotech bimetal to deliver product and services that meet and exceed the expectation of customer. as part of the company’s corporate way of life, motivated efforts are made towards continuant improvement and competency enhancement at all levels.


Cylinder Production Line

We have high precision cnc / scada based production line which is provide two jobs per hour production with human error free.

Microscope Images

We inspect micro structure with microscope for micro structure, bonding, cracks, slags etc….

We inspect wear test as per astm g65a methos for checking test piece from batch production for improve high wear resistant material analysis and control repeated quality parameter.